Synergy Product Annual Forum

By Lauren Wright and Sara Croall

On the 14th of September, here at AccessFintech, we hosted our Synergy Product Annual Forum. This year, we were joined by hundreds of attendees from finance organisations all over the world. The purpose of the event was to showcase AccessFintech’s unique infrastructure and the current Synergy products on offer.


The event focused on CSDR, Securities Pre-matching and Settlements, Cash Payment Matching and Loans. Our Co-Founders, Head of Financial Products, and Product SMEs shared exciting updates on these services and developments in our technology and functionality.


Roy Saadon, Co-Founder and CEO, opened the session, welcoming guests and giving an update on AccessFintech’s rapid growth and future goals. This demonstrated the evolution of technology needs within the finance sector and showcased how AccessFintech’s Synergy Network can help organisations enhance and revolutionise their current products and processes through the concept of collaboration!

Steve Fazio, Co-Founder and CPO, gave a Technology update advising how the Synergy Network works, and why organisations benefit from this. The growth of our Network, 66 unique parent-level firms are currently publishing data, is directly leading to more opportunity to effectively manage workflow.


The Synergy infrastructure now processes 30-40 million records each day, giving users secure access to prioritise, investigate, collaborate, and resolve exceptions. Participants can re-use the same comprehensive infrastructure across various data types and feed formats.


The first of our product specific sessions was hosted by Pardeep Cassells, Head of Financial Products, who discussed the developments in our Securities Prematching & Settlement solution and fast approaching CSDR regulation.

Pardeep shared that as the Synergy Network is growing, the power of data continues to enhance operational processes through AccessFintech. We announced that in Q2 2021 we launched an interbank collaboration project with users from two Tier 1 banks using the Synergy UI to collaborate, successfully eliminating the need for email communication.


These organisations discovered a number of Golden Tickets through this exercise. Golden Tickets demonstrate how we are revolutionising operations processes by connecting and assessing data to identify mismatch and fail reasons, which are typically:

  • Difficult to identify because of inconsistent data feeds and naming conventions
  • Not readily available to users through existing infrastructure
  • Discoverable only through email, individual web portal and telephone driven investigation


We then moved onto a hot topic of this year, the fast-approaching CSDR regulation. Pardeep discussed how Synergy can support banks initially through the fail reduction achievable through our Settlements offering. Our core CSDR solution then supports organisations through the event lifecycle from eligibility and exemption logic to penalty calculations and execution of buy-ins.

Regardless of forthcoming announcements from the regulators, our CSDR Working Group has developed best practice data standards and workflow that will benefit the market overall.


Financial Products Manager, Stephanie Park, then presented the exciting developments in our Cash Payment Matching solution including a platform demo. We are particularly proud of the extensive Cash Payment Matching workflow, which enables matching to occur between organisations, even if one party isn’t an AccessFintech user.


Stephanie discussed the industry challenges commonly faced by payments teams such as manual effort, errors, and capital lock up. Synergy has solved for these with the launch of the existing offering and further evolution of the service will expand to support systemic matching of additional payment types, including Manufactured Income, CFD and more.


Finally, our Loans Subject Matter Expert, Cory Olsen, was joined for a panel discussion by two industry experts where there was a lively conversation covering the industry challenges experienced from and agent and buyside lender perspective. The conversation also highlighted that the Synergy Loans Solution is helping organisations to alleviate these challenges. Cory then presented the platform solution for the attendees.

We were delighted to welcome so many of you to our Synergy Annual Product Forum and look forward to speaking with attendees soon.

If you weren’t able to attend the event, we will soon invite you to a replay so that you can watch the full conversation firsthand.



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roy Saadon and Steve Fazio